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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  January 2, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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believes that the blaze started in a light well in the back back of a pathway between two homes that were damaged. bonnie lake was visiting her daughter. >> you can see flames going up. and sparks like a bonfire at the beach. sparks were flying all over the place. >> the sparked rained on the home. the one with minor damage. but her roof never caught on fire. >> when it came to your roof it got hot. it didn't ignite. >> from the third floor window, you can see charred remains of the back of the home, that is how close flames came. she put in a fire-resistant roof just nine months ago. >> this specialtyizes in products that endure forever. and it looks like cedar.
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>> for several years we haven't had this many alarms. >> the scheefz that the city has been hit hard. >> this has been quite, -- a busy winter in my recollection. >> and so again, the fire department knows what started in the back of the alleyway but don't know what the cause is. that is why arson investigators were called in. just to clarify, investigators are always called in every time there is a second or greater alarm. this one, again was the third alarm. vic lee abc 7 news. >> and thank you, vick. firefighters put out a fire in san francisco's flower market. witnesses saw smoke coming out of the roof. crews had to break doors there to access the fire. crews were investigating what caused it but believe a space heater may have been
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responsible. >> police hope a $25,000 reward will help them find a killer of a 5-year-old boy. the little boy was shot in a taco stand friday night. nick smith is live as the police search continues. >> good afternoon, police released information about the investigation into that shooting death of the 5-year-old boy. take a look. he was with his family at a taco stand last friday night. police say he was shot by a man they have yet to identify. a black male adult in his 30 was a goatee, thin build wearing blue jeans and a button up shirt. we've learned new information about the vehicle the suspect may have been driving. police tell me they're looking for a silver or gray colored american-made car last seen heading westbound. and they're hoping someone may
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be familiar with the car. >> we just know it's an american, silver vehicle. american made silver car. i don't have any additional information. we're hoping that someone will be able to come forward and maybe have a license plate or more of a detailed description of the car. >> call someone, and let someone know because you cannot harbor that secret if you know what happens. >> and police are looking for a black male adult with a goatee, thin build, blue jeans and a button up shirt and a female passenger, also black 18 years old wearing a red suede jacket and light colored jeans. police hope all information can aid in the investigation and want to remind the public you can remain anonymous by calling the tip line and information leading to arrest is being offered with a reward, you can get information from
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our web site by going to abc 7 >> and police have identified a woman killed in an attack friday night. a suspect has been looked on suspicion of murder, police found the women wounded when arriving at a home. kirk died at the scene. authorities believe a machete weapon was used in the attack. police have not discussed any possible moat yif authorities in washington state believe a body found on the slopes of mount rainier national park may be that of a gunman that killed a ranger yesterday. the officers had been searching for a 24-year-old iraq war veteran. police believe he shot a park ranger during a traffic stop, killing her. >> one of the units and some of the s.w.a.t. team members have found the body.
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we have not gotten to it. we're nowhere near it. it's in the snow. there is a lot of possibilities out there whether it could be him or not be him. >> the park was shut down. the fbi has taken charge of the investigation since the shooting took place on federal land. he is also suspected of wounding four people during a new year's party near seattle. >> chp figures for new year's holiday weekend are in. there are more dui arrests and fewer traffic deaths than last year, state wide officer as rested nearly 1200 people for drunk driving from friday night to sunday morning. that is over 200 over last year, locally, two people died on roads this weekend. and 195 were arrested for dui. you can see the drunk driving arests for way up over last year while fatalities were down. >> and this could with a few more days before the squirrel monkey returned to the zoo is ready to greet visitors again. banana sam is being kept
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private for now away from the public. the 17-year-old has been through a lot. zoo keepers say someone cut two holes into the mesh of the exhibit, then, saturday a man called police and reported seeing banana sam in stern grove. the caller told investigators he was able to coax it into his backpack. >> we're observing him. he appears okay now, it might take time for something to show up. it's possible he might become sickly. so that is why we're watching him, still. >> and the zoo was offering a $5,000 reward. no word if the man who says he found the monkey will get the money. >> good thing he's back. >> and safe. >> and spence jer back, too. and let's take a look at the forecast. >> and we had clouds around today, and there is a weak front pushing through this, evening we'll see partly cloudy skies and areas of fog developing around the bay area
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dur evening and overnight hours, looking for temperatures from upper 40s to about mid-50s then in the morning partly cloudy skies, some sun peaking through and some lingering fog, low temperatures from mid-30s inland to upper 40s. by afternoon, sunny skies, mild again with highs from low 60s on the coast to mid-60s around the bay and inland. and just minutes i'll look longer into the forecast to see if we can find much-needed rainfall for the bay area. >> and thank you, spencer. the new year is bringing a tough smoking ban to one bay area city. how it's aiming to make sure no one has to breathe in secondhand smoke. >> mom? why am i fat? >> and a controversial new ad campaign against childhood obesity. could it do more harm than good? >> and michael fin gee taking your consumer questions through his facebook and twitter pages and will be answering them live here just
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a little bit later, you can contact michael on twitter and on facebook. >> checking traffic and this is what we wish for. >> it's unbelievable. yes. it's an extension of the holiday. a lot of people have the day off. traffic is light around the bay area. this is a look at the san francisco skyway downtown and there is no problem in either direction. if we can only bottle this and have it for the rest of the year, it would be wonderful. wish we can do that. stay with us. the news at 4:00 continues.
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authorities in los angeles county arrested a man they believe may be responsible for dozens of suspicious car
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fires. the 53 fires caused millions of dollars in damages. robert olguin has more. >> at 3:00 this morning near fairfax and sunset when a sheriff's deputy arrested a man authorities say is responsible for setting more than 50 fires over four days. the driver resembled a person of interest seen in a videotape released by the multi agency task force that previous evening. >> in downtown l.a. authorities would not release the identity of the man arrested this morning. but they said he faces several felony arson charges for a string of fires that caused more than $2 million in damage. >> we're not privy of discussing particulars of the individual arrested. due to ongoing investigation. >> sources close to the investigation tell abc news investigators found flammable sources inside of the suspect's van that matched
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those used in recent fires. the minivan when license plates from british columbia was towed this morning. this is only hours after the recent arson attack taking place in west hollywood. >> an evil person is doing this for no reason and have you no control. >> natalie says her brand new vehicle was destroyed in the fire. >> they didn't say oh there might be people sleeping in the beds. people like -- they might kill people tonight. they didn't care. i just don't understand. why would someone do that? it's disgusting. >> there were a total of 11 fires set last night in addiction to -- addition to 24 set on friday, the first day of the spree. >> we're going to continue throughout the night with patrols in areas and our police officers keyed up and looking for anything suspicious out there. >> and that is robert olguin
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reporting. though a suspect had been arrested police are telling the public to remain vigilant. >> cigarette smokiers in alameda now have fewer places to light up. a ban went into affect today that has people saying this is going too far. there is. >> alameda residents say they've had to walk through smoke to get to their coffee shops but not anymore. starting today people will no longer be able to smoke on a public sidewalk. >> outside of the door that is going to be stopped and it's wonderful. >> the ban pretty much bans smoking in all public places including atms, parks and downtown sidewalks. >> i don't believe they can tell whaus to do. i don't get -- i don't agree witness. >> this is helping me not to
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smoke again you can't light up inside of an apartment or on an apartment balcony or patio. city officials say this is because smoke can not be controlled by ventilation or separating smokiers from nonsmokers but this is where it seemed to lose support. even from those who want to escape the secondhand smoke. >> as a nonsmokier and someone really bothered by cigarette smoke part of me is happy but it seems like it's gone a little bit too far. >> i'm on the fence. they're getting close to the edge of pushing us around too much. >> so where can you smoke in a police officer said he didn't know. it sounds like whit is enforced it will be expensive. the fine for smoking in the wrong place ranges from $100 to $500. >> and checking healthy living news, a new free text program is available to help teens
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kick the habit for good. the national cancer institute created smoke-free txt. teens sign up and select a date to quit then times are set on a regular basis. after the date teens will receive texts up to six weeks. officials say 20% of the teens are smokier and most continue to smoke as they age. and they can sign up by texting quit to i quit. and we have a link for you on our web site. you'll find more on see it on tv. >> in georgia childrens health care is hearing criticism after launching a controversial ad campaign designed to shock parents about childhood obesity. >> mom, why am i fat? >> that is just one of the and it shows images of overweight children showing bold and
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sometimes uncomfortable messages. critics are concerned they don't give families tools they need for the problem. childrens health care says they'reness troy get families to recognize the problem. >> it's known junk food fuels obesity. now, a study says it messes with peoples' brains finding fatty foods send damaging signals listening the brain's ability to control appetite saying research is needed to prove it can cause fundamental changes to neurocircuits and a strain of h 5 n 1 bird flu that kill aid chinese man over the weekend cannot kill people according to the health ministry. tests show it spreads from poultry to the victim. it rarely infects humans and it's usually transmitted to those who come into close contact with diseased poultry.
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>> turning to business news now. 2012 looks like it's going to be a busy year for technology. some is helping the environment. other gadgets goring to make your life more entertaining. >> traders taking a break today. markets closed but don't look for u.s. companies to be taking a break in the new year. it's looking like it will be a pretty busy one. there are reports apple will unveil it's next ipad this month and it's not just one tablet, but two. saying there are rumors apple will unveil two versions of the ipad. and this is according to apple will lower the price of the ipad to compete with kindle fire, which amazon says was a hot seller, ford is amping up green efforts for the year, planning to reduce water usage by 20% per vehicle by 2015.
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ford looking to invest in new facilities to reach that goal that. is business news at the new york exchange, i'm deborah kostroun with the market update wishing you a happy new year. >> thank you. time to take a look at the weather. question is will it rain again? >> it's unusual. >> it is just remarkable. there is a dry pattern continuing and there is starting the new year on a dry note. no rain in sight looking beyond seven days ahead. there is nothing developing. >> soon we'll be talking about concern about the possibility of drought. so there is a live view of beautiful afternoon weather from our sutro camera looking towards golden gate. clear skies and some clouds around today some fog developing tonight. clear skies tonight. temperatures are mild, mainly into 50s and cooler today than over the weekend. there is cloud cover around but topped out in spots and
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there is 61 in nappa. on we go. there are highlights, low clouds with areas of fog. rather wide spread areas of fog possibly. milder tomorrow than today a friday, mild pattern staying with us into next week. starting at 7:00 this evening, there is fog spreading into virtually all parts of the bay area. there is ak in the morning areas of rather significantly reduced visibility z we do have a spare of air alert in effect until midnight tonight this, is the 12th of the winter season. lows dropping into mid 30s in cooler locations inland and north bay. santa rosea, 35. napa, 36. upper 30s in concord and livermore, low to mid-40s ash the bay area, satellite shows a weak front, high pressure building in behind it. and this is a dry pattern,
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lows today, a ridge of high pressure building in behind that front continuing through tomorrow and into wednesday and beyond so the expression of weather is high and dry another week or two. high temperatures tomorrow into low to mid-60s and there is highs around 70 degrees in watsonville and 71 in salinas, here is the accu-weather forecast. notice no rain in sight. sunny skies and there is a slight cool down friday. and temperatures bounce back over the weekend there is a dry and pleasant weather pattern continues. >> and there is -- the weather is really nice. >> it is. >> incredible weather in los angeles as well this, year's tournament of roses parade had
4:21 pm
a celebrity grand marshal who is familiar to abc viewer autos especially those who watched "dancing with the stars". >> happy new year, everyone. it's a very happy one for "dancing with the stars" winner jr martinez, grand marshal of the rose parade. >> i expected it but never to this level. it's just going to show that when you expand your mind and stay positive good things will come to you. >> about eight years ago the actor was serving when badly injured. now he's the most-recent mirror ball trophy winner leading the way at this year's parade. now, to meryl streep being honored for the berle lynn film festival. organizers will present the 62-year-old with a golden bear. there are a ton of great movies out by "mission impossible" is coming out on top.
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for the second weekend the action flick held the number-one spot, taking in $38.3 million z don't forget the season premier "the bachelor "tonight at 8:00 here on abc. >> just ahead on the news at 4:00 a new action figure of the late steve jobs. some say it's so real, it's kind of eareer. >> new bag ban law changing how some south bay residents shop. >> then at 5:00 a different type of worker. how ups is helping the public return unwanted gifts. >> taking a look at traffic right now on the golden gate bridge. moving thisly. you can see a lot of folks taking an opportunity to stroll across the bridge as well. the news at 4:00 continues right after this. i remember the days before copd.
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media mogul rupert murdock is tweeting and posting on twitter and opening an account two days ago with more than 55,000 followers. he faced tough questions last summer as his media empire came under scrutiny. he's made no mention of that. and he has deleted one of them he wrote maybe brits have too many holidays for a broke
4:26 pm
country. it disp yeared a short time later. later tweeted i'm getting killed for fooling around here and friends frightened what i may really say. >> be careful what you tweet mr. murdock. we've seen steve jobs dolls out but a new action figure may be the most realistic of anything out there. it's a 12 inch action figure with a black turtle neck, levies and new balance shoes. sold by a company to honor the late apple co-founder. selling price is $99. it's unknown if apple or jobs family will block it from being sold as they did in 2010. that is close to the real thing. >> well it's the first big test of the 2012 presidential campaign. a live report on the iowa caucuses. which g.o.p. candidates are on the rise and which aren't. >> new rules for shoppers in
4:27 pm
san jose. why plastic bags are out and paper is going to cost you from our east bay hills camera, we can another beautiful sunset. there is no rain in sight. the forecast is coming up. i stepped on the machine, 3q and it showed me the pressure points on my feet and exactly where i needed more support. then, i got my number. my tired, achy feet affected my whole life. until i found my number. i tried the free dr. scholl's foot mapping center.
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voters in iowa are just a day way from putting the republican presidential
4:30 pm
hopefuls to the first real test. tomorrow caucuses will get the political year after a long awaited start. we're live with a preview. karen? >> good afternoon, larry. republican race is going down to the wire. it's been a busy day on the trail and all candidates are making their final sales pitches. republican condwrernds are scrambling for votes. >> i need every vote. get your friends to do the same. >> others represent status quo. polls show mitt romney is the man to beat but ron paul is on his heels. yesterday a confident romney ignored opponents and took a swipe at president obama. >> the gap between his promises and his performance is the largest i've seen, well, since the kardashian wedding and the promise of until death do we part. >> newt gingrich is fighting to stay alive after a
4:31 pm
blistering group of negative criticism. he vowed to stay positive. but now he's lashing out. >> romney in the end is a hopeless position. >> what do you mean? >> he's a massachusetts moderate in a conservative party. >> gingrich's collapse has been rick santorum's gain. the former pennsylvania senator is the hottest candidate on the trail now after months of quiet campaigning. >> this is town hall meeting number 367. >> the rest of the meeting is trying to capture attention of the caucus goer autos iowa doesn't pick the winner, but picks the loser. >> michelle bachmann is reminding them of her roots. >> every candidate is vowing to stay in the race but this could be the final hour for several of the campaigns. back to you. >> how critical to win the
4:32 pm
iowa caucuses? if you project into the future? >> history shows you don't have to win to win your party's nomination. iowa voters have a mixed record of picking the nom nee. over the last several years they've only picked the winner half the time n 2008 john mccain came in fourth and we know how that turned out but there is a lot of attention paid to iowa because they do vote first. mitt romney, if wing tomorrow night he will head into new hampshire with a lot of momentum. if he loses he's in good shape there and ahead by double digits. next couple states get a lot harder for rick santorum and ron paul. back to you. >> thank you and all eyes on iowa tomorrow. >> and the new year is bringing big changes for shoppers in the south bay. the wide spread ban on plastic bags caught some off guard today.
4:33 pm
and they have been warn warned about this for months. >> the signs have been everywhere outside of the stores and inside on the store doors and for good reason. this plastic bag ban applies to 5,000 retailers throughout the city. if you were shopping in san jose, you either came prepared or not. meet mike and jerry, model shoppers toting through reusable bag autos just a learning curve. have you to understand it. it's okay to have them. >> for those who forgot, you can buy a bag. a paper one costing you 10 cents or you can start your own collection. that is a option for this man. >> it was only $1. i'll use it again. >> and the third scenario, kevin got check out empty-handed and wasn't about to buy what he had at home. >> go to my place get the bags
4:34 pm
and come back to the car and bag it myself. >> new new year complicated shopping in san jose. plastic ban applies to big box chains and mom and pop stores z where the paper or plastic question can still be uttered there is still one popular response. >> and if you're already longing for good old days think of what you won't miss. many people are calling the plastic bag ban a win for the environment and a way of live for next generation. >> by taking care of the community we take care of the world. so they have a bigger picture of what we have a responsibility for. >> and paper bag could have to be made of 0% recycled paper but next year that will jump
4:35 pm
to 25 cents. >> and it's byob. a measure is now in effect in check out stands in unink corporated areas. there is a 5 cent surcharge on paper bags there. in san francisco a vote to expand the ban on plastic bags is on hold for now. supervisors putting off a hold to gather more information. it would expand the ban on plastic bags to all businesses. customers would have to pay 10 cents for paper or other bags but that the store provides. >> did the holidays leave with you a skinny wallet? just ahead advice from experts for gegt finances in order for the new year. >> and michael finney is taking your questions on twit skbrer face book we'll answer them here, live in just minutes. you can contact michael on
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twitter and >> and taking a look at traffic right now, boy, you rarely see it this smooth this, is emeryville heading 80 there. traffic on the left side of the screen perhaps towards mountains. things moving nicely on the right side of the screen into sap fran. how is that travel forecast shaping up? >> we may have more planes than cars on the roadways now. but no delays though you can see green lights. only place reporting delays now is newark, delays between 45 minutes and an hour because of weather conditions there. strong, gusty winds. and what are they we going to do about this dry spell? i can tell you about it here in the bay area, no rain is in sight. i'll give you the forecast coming up. i'm laura, and this is my cvs. i just transferred a prescription to cvs,
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the amount of the minimum payment but if you are don't have the cash just a few bucks can help. >> if you only have enough to pay even just $20 or $30 a month that can make a huge dent over time. >> as with resolutions like dieting too many changes in your habits may get you frustrated. beverly recommends three steps. first keep tabs on your credit record. second track your spending to see how it fits into debt payment plans and third, look for balanced transfer offers if a card's rate is too high. >> what this mean sthaz you can trancer your large debt have you on a high interest card to a new card that is offering a zero percent arp. >> that keeps your interest payments in a minimum while paying down the balance. >> and coming up, parade after the parade. >> yes. what happened when occupy
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check out the view from our camera. spencer christian informs me. he'll have a complete forecast coming up in just minute autos hundreds of thousands of people lined sidewalks today for the 2012 tournament of
4:44 pm
roses parade. some camped out in sleeping bags all right to et -- all night to get the spot. there was extra security this year. >> regardless of age... or number of years come together parade, for these spectators being here never gets old. >> we love it. or we wouldn't do it. >> 44 floats and 21 bands marched down colorado boulevard in passa dina's famous rose parade. they came from all over, everywhere from mexico. >> beautiful. >> from canada. >> we've been watching the parade on tv since we got tv in 1956. we made it! finally. >> besides the floats one other thing that stuck out about the parade... >> there are a lot of people here. >> 800,000 people this morning. that many people cannot be
4:45 pm
wrong. there is something special there being this close to floats and vans. >> it's going to be fun in person. you get to see what they look like and smell them. >> grand marshal jr martinez got a lot after plaus. >> from "dancing with the stars". he's beautiful. >> as did the longest float, natural balance float featuring a surfing dog. only one entry got fans to quack. almost everyone had a great time. for others it might have been too much fun. >> a san francisco fire captain had one of the best seats in the house for the rose parade, one of 28 people selected to ride on the donate life float. he began volunteering after receiving a heart transplant
4:46 pm
in 2010. and and those are the portraits of the people whose donations saved lives this year, one is kimberly williams ibarra. she passed away in 2010. by registering has helped 50 people live better lives. >> and now to the march after the parade. hundreds of protesters rallied near city hall after the rose parade. and marchers followed the routes carrying a giant banner to simulate corporate greed. organizers say there were about 5,000 protesters. police say it was closer to 400. it paz peaceful no, arrests were made.
4:47 pm
>> still ahead egypt's former president aflifd court on a stretcher. why there is speculation charges could be dropped. >> i'm michael finney and will have your consumer questions next. >> and later on abc 7 news, complying with the new booster seat law. michael finney offers advice on where not to buy the car seats. i remember the days before copd.
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as we head towards the top of the hour there is another look at traffic. if you have to head into san francisco now is the right time. because traffic on the upper deck is good. lower deck moving smoothly. a lot of people have the day off. so there this is perfect. >> yes. >> michael finney is here now to answer questions you've been posting to his facebook
4:51 pm
page. >> we're talking about cell phone autos we are. >> always. >> yes. >> and half calls thchl is from chaunel. she ask does at and t have the right to slow down your internet if you have an unlimited data plan? you bet they do. and they do it. and they brag that they do it. here is the deal. they don't slow it down until you're in the top 5% of users. ie, first 95% never get slowed down. top 5% do. sheer what they don't tell you. they think you're running a business and won't admit to that. i'm not saying at ask t but the industry says how could you be using that much data. you must be running a business. they want you to go over and get to a business plan where you pay for what you use. you may or may not be running a business but you've got to drop the usage.
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they'll speed it back up at the beginning of the month. and then, they slow it back down. it's a way to irritate you so you'll go away. nicole p. it s wants to know when renting, is the renter responsible for chipped paint? what it is is your mental, you're allowed to have common usage. so if you're there at three months, that is not common usage. you had been responsible. if there 10 years there is going to be chipped paint then you won't be responsible. land lords want to you believe you've got to give the unit back to them in the condition waits given to you. wrong. you're allowed to use it. so they should repaint it. that is not your responsibility. if you're tearing the place up, then, it is.
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now, i want to tell but this, you may have heard about child safety seat law that now requires kids under eight years old and four nine to be in a car seat or a booster. but should you buy one used? well, legally you can buy a used car seat as long as it does not have a recall on it. but it is illegal to sell a seat that has been in an accident or is out of date. get this. all car seats have an expie expieration date because there are integrity issue was aging plastic. i don't recommend ever buying a used car seat. there is almost no way to tell if the seat has been in an accident. there is a bunch more information by gooding to abc 7 >> and you can't be safe enough. that is one thing you don't want to skimp on. >> it's frustrating for people who just got rid of the car seats.
4:54 pm
>> and let's get a last check on the forecast now. >> yes. >> let me give you a look at a picture of sun rise over black hawk this morning. is that amazing? there is a some clouds and time lapse and clouds moving over, but no snowfall over lake tahoe or another parts of the sierra now. and and southern part of the state highs up to 81 tomorrow at palm springs. 77 in los angeles and mild in the sierra. there is is a mild day as well. sunny skies and there is no rain in sight. but dry. there is low to mid-60s with highs up to 63.
4:55 pm
64 palo alto. on the coast upper 50s to 60s in half moon bay. mild in the north bay. highs from 61 in san rafael to 63 in novato. and there is near east bay highs into low 60s. 62 in oakland. inland east bay similar range. low to mid-60s there. 62 in concord. 64 in dublin. 71 in salinas tomorrow there is going to be a mild day, enjoy tuesday. >> beautiful. >> new york authorities are investigating a string of suspected hate crimes. last someone someone hurled a molotov cocktail in a cultural center.
4:56 pm
another bomb was thrown at a sign for a school. and a nous house was badly damaged by a suspected fire bomb two. bomb that's did not explode were thrown in a house used by hindu worshipers. >> and p mubarak mooub was wheeled into court as his corruption trial resumed today. he was wheeled into and out of court and is being treated for a heart condition in n.a military hospital. tomorrow, prosecuters will begin spelling out his alleged role in deaths of 800 antigovernment protesters. last week, five policemen were acquitted, raising speculation charges could also be dismissed. >> there are hundreds of thousands of people in thailand are isolated by flash floods after heavy rains.
4:57 pm
a total of 60,000 people may be affected by runnoff from mountains. and more rain is predicted to fall. >> president obama and first family wrapping up their hawaiian vacation now. the president gets ready to ratchet up his reelection campaign. they're set to leave this evening after a 10 day vacation, their red eye flight touches down in washington, d.c. tomorrow morning. the president will host a live web chat with supporters in iowa tomorrow night. and wednesday traveling to cleveland for an event focusing on the economy. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. you can keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter and talk about on facebook. >> coming up tonight banana sam is back.
4:58 pm
why isn't the zoo putting him on display any time soon? >> what likely helped save one of three homes caught in a stubborn fire. >> ups turns to social media to help deal with holiday returns that can be a hassle. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. that squirrel monkey stolen last week may be back home tonight but not being displayed to the public yet. >> and banana sam returned by police just in time to ring in the new year and zoo keepers say he's in good shape. that is the good news. there is a visit with banana sam today he's live tonight. how is he doing? >> he's doing pretty good. officials tell me that they gave him a good physical as he was returning this weekend. and i was told this afternoon
4:59 pm
he got a friend to hang around with to be able to keep him company. banana sam is back home but spent a day and a half under observation. >> he's doing great. he's healthy, alert eating well. and pooping well. he looks good. >> jill andrews says he'll likely be paired with another squirrel monkey to keep him company but it remained closed prompting curiosity. >> we did follow the story in local and national news. and i don't know if he's coming out or not. >> the rest of the monkey friends will be likely returned to their display tomorrow. crews are just finishing repairs after last week. >> heaters were disabled and mesh was cut into. so we have repair that had. >> he was returned new year's eve. police say a man says he


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